So, what are we all about?

As humans, we were not made to simply survive. We are each made in God’s image to thrive. 

Family with small children hiking outdoors in summer nature.

It’s easy for us to get distracted from what matters, worrying about the future, or replaying old grievances from our past. Soon, these thoughts dominate our minds, requiring something life-changing and momentous to bring our focus back to the present and draw us closer to God. To the things that are truly important in life. To a new perspective and better way to live. 

At Camp Iron Bluffs, our mission is to empower and equip people to build their lives on the firm foundation of the Word so that they may weather any storm and live out a deeper life of significance and fulfillment. And to do so, it begins with reclaiming the mind. 

What we allow into our minds makes us feel a certain way. The feelings that arise from our actions then drive us to act in a certain manner, for better or worse. Those actions produce results, which in turn, reinforce the input. We call this the Cycle of Significance, and it’s foundational to who we are, what we believe, and how we operate. We’ve learned that if we can help people change their inputs, how they’re feeding their minds and their souls, then God can use this to help change their outputs and the course of their lives. 


Romans 12:2

One of the best ways to shake up your inputs and get your focus back on what’s most important in life is to change your surroundings. When Jesus faced times of trial, he would remove himself from worldly noise and venture out to the wilderness. At Camp Iron Bluffs, we seek to carry that Biblical wisdom forward in our modern world by offering a refuge for people on our spectacular and majestic 4,000+ acres in Boone County, Arkansas. 

When we place ourselves in the quiet immensity of nature, the unhealthy world we’ve fabricated tends to fade away – and in that absence, we can find clarity about where we’re supposed to be and how to live our lives. God uses the experience on the craggy hillsides and peaceful valleys of Camp Iron Bluffs to reinspire our awareness of the world as a divine work of art and to re-chart our course forward with intention and purpose.

As we cast off and reframe the world and reach for something deeper, we find ourselves growing into better individuals. And just as the exterior rock is worn and chipped off our most prominent bluffs, revealing a bold and enduring iron underneath, so too is a stronger more enduring character brought to the surface as we sharpen each other when we seek first to help our neighbor.

At Camp Iron Bluffs, we hope that our property and team can offer sanctuary and counsel that allows you to shed some of the weight that you carry, lay down your burdens, lower your defenses and cast aside the walls life has put in your way, bringing you closer to God. We hope to give you the time and space, as well as the tools and knowledge to create new inputs to help you in your journey to a new way of living so that you can overcome merely surviving.

And thrive!