Partner With Us

Arm stacked together one by one in unity and teamwork. Many hands getting together in the center of a circle. Close up outdoor shot. Many hands connecting in nature.

Why give?

Camping and its impact are tried and true. One only needs to read the news to know that people are daily bombarded with ever-increasing doses of stress. Camp Iron Bluffs offers a respite for the weary and a refuge for the hurting. People need camp more than ever.

Who benefits?

Camp Iron Bluffs intends to serve a broad range of groups. Among them are children and youth as well as adults and families. Outside groups will be able to use our facilities for special events, including corporate conferences, weddings, and special celebrations.

What will define the culture of Camp Iron Bluffs?

Taking advantage of the rugged terrain, Iron Bluffs naturally leans to being an outdoor adventure camp. Rappelling, climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and fishing are just a few of the activities that will be enjoyed. Ultimately, all programming will be used as a tool to initiate and foster individual relationships.

Who will Iron Bluffs serve?

Youth and families
Corporate/business groups
Private groups
Special events

How do I give?

Your generous contribution will enable us to realize our dream of seeing Camp Iron Bluffs come to life.

Camp Iron Bluffs accepts donations through PayPal, personal check, or with debit or credit card. For most U.S. taxpayers, up to $300 of donations to a charity ($600 for a couple) are deductible in 2022.