Waiting is the Hardest Part

I’ve been camping for a long, long time. There are many incredible benefits, but perhaps the most fulfilling is the long-standing relationships. I have had the privilege of walking through life with thousands of young men and women. Recently, I shared a meal with a few of those that I had not seen in quite some time. I had heard from others that one of these friends had turned his back on his faith. I was curious, and I almost didn’t believe it to be true. It is worth saying that this friend, as a young college kid, had a spiritual depth and knowledge of scripture that was well beyond his years. He was a rock!

At dinner, we sat making small talk. The discussion naturally turned to reminiscing about camp and catching up on our kids and life, which led to us dissecting the current state of our culture. Somewhere in the midst of the back-and-forth, I mused, “Makes me wonder if Jesus is coming soon.” My friend quickly replied, “That’s what people have been saying for 2,000 years.” I was mildly taken back. Did anyone else catch that? The words around the table continued to cycle, but I heard little as his cynical words lingered in my thoughts. I stared a hole through him, wondering what was going on in his mind and heart. Not this guy! I realized that he had shed his spiritual armor.

What happened? Please understand, this is a great guy. He built his own business from nothing. He is a great father and husband. He is funny and engaging. Active in the community. Compassionate. Not a hint of bitterness or anger. Hmmm. Did he just get tired? Was there a harsh word that set him off? Was life just hard? Was the wait too long? I suspect it was a slow burn and didn’t happen overnight. I’ve been thinking about him ever since.

Jesus coming back just seems improbable to him in much the same way that the resurrection seemed to the disciples. Is Jesus dead? Really? All that talk. All those promises. Gone. Now what? And then . . .

Here we are. With the world seemingly imploding around us, can Jesus’ return be a reality? The wait for his second coming seems, well, like just another tall tale. Great story. He’s coming “soon” right? Why doesn’t Jesus just come and take us out of this mess? But that’s the wrong lens. God in his mercy desires that no man should perish. He will send Jesus when all have been given the opportunity to turn to Him.  

So, now what? Well, we have work to do. And Camp Iron Bluffs is our means of advancing the message of a risen Savior who is returning soon. We are steadily working toward the day when our site will be filled with screams of joy and non-stop laughter. Camp is one of those experiences that is difficult to describe. It is our intention to use Camp Iron Bluffs as a means to retreat, to reduce the noise of the world in order to get an unobstructed view of Jesus.

With all the chatter of the world, we believe the road to spiritual health begins through the reclaiming of the mind. Romans 12:2 states: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Our desire for everyone who steps on our property is to experience BOLD LIFE TRANSFORMATION!

It’s time for a change in pattern!

When will Jesus return? None of us know, but we are closer today than we were yesterday. Until then, we have work to do! Come join us on the journey. He’s coming back! Soon!

– Chandler